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Neck health ergonomics
Neck health ergonomics
Optimised ergonomic shape for orthopaedically ideal positioning and support of head and neck.
Comfortable memory effect
Comfortable memory effect
Premium high-density memory foam ensures perfect adaptation to the contours of the body.
Ideal sleeping climate
Ideal sleeping climate
Not too warm, not too cold, not too damp – thanks to breathable top materials and special puncturing.
Maximum hygiene
Maximum hygiene
Der Bezug ist bei 60° waschbar, trocknergeeignet und verträgt regelmässiges Waschen sehr gut.

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Your orthopaedic side sleeper pillow -
for correct positioning on your side

Side sleeper pillows come in a wide variety of shapes - from butterfly to elongated roll shapes where the pillow reaches down to the knees. What most pillows do not offer, however, despite all the comfort imaginable, is a truly functional shape from an ergonomic point of view when it comes to meeting special anatomical needs in the side sleeping position. Because in this position, there is a much greater need for support than in the prone or supine position. The risk of incorrect posture is just as high, leading to the typical tension in the shoulder and neck area when the neck is overstretched or the spine bends. That's why we have designed a functional side sleeper pillow with our E3 sleep technology, which helps you to avoid overstretching or compressing your spine while you sleep, allowing you to lie in a blissfully soft position.

Orthopaedic design with head recess

By researching the orthopaedic benefits of different designs, we have developed what we believe is the perfect pillow shape for side sleepers to help prevent neck tension and neck problems. The orthopaedic wedge-shaped contour and the head recess for an ideal fit reproduce the natural contour of the head and neck to provide the best possible support for the sensitive neck area. The shoulder arch ensures that your shoulders do not rest on the pillow. The head is relieved, the neck is supported and the cervical spine is comfortably kept straight, in line with the rest of the spine. This is the only way to avoid position-related tension in the first place.

Adjustable pillow height

Neben der für Ergonomie und Schlafkomfort wichtigen Anpassung des Kissens an Deine Kopf- und Nackenform, entscheidet auch die Höhe massgeblich darüber, ob es sich als orthopädisches Seitenschläferkissen eignet. Seitenschläfer benötigen ein deutlich höheres Kissen als Rückenschläfer und erst recht als Bauchschläfer. Damit die Wirbelsäule möglichst gerade bzw. neutral gelagert werden kann, muss die Kissenhöhe zu Deiner Körperform passen – genauer gesagt zu Deiner Schulterbreite. Denn die bestimmt, wie hoch das Kissen sein sollte, damit die Halswirbelsäule in Seitenlage nicht abknickt. Mit einer entnehmbaren Visco Schaum Schicht kannst Du Deine bevorzugte Höhe selbst bestimmen.

The memory foam neck pillow for optimum pressure relief

Thanks to our Premium Organic Memory Foam, the pillow adapts specifically to your body contours and sleeping position, guaranteeing optimal support and pressure relief. This allows your neck muscles to really let go and relax completely. This is the key to a restful sleep and a relaxed neck in the morning. The viscoelastic memory foam is shaped by your body temperature and moulds itself precisely to your head and neck. The memory foam only slowly returns to its original shape and this so-called memory effect ensures a soft and at the same time stable support – especially for the sensitive cervical spine.

The high-tech for an ideal sleeping climate

As well as the ergonomic benefits it offers in terms of neck relaxation for side sleepers and the comfort features that make for an incredibly soft, almost weightless feeling, you’ll be impressed by the pleasant sleeping climate of this breathable side sleeper pillow. Special vertical puncturing in the memory foam creates functional ventilation channels that enable optimal moisture and heat regulation. This is not only beneficial in terms of a pleasant sleeping temperature: since we sweat particularly heavily in the head and neck area, effective moisture transport is also extremely important for hygienic reasons. An ideal sleeping climate simply makes for a better night's sleep.

Hand-sewn breathable functional pillowcase

The cover of the side sleeper pillow is just as high-quality as the ergonomic Visco foam filling. The functional cover is made of a high-tech blended fabric that combines different materials in such a way that various functional advantages are attained. The combination of cotton, polyester and elastane ensures greater breathability, better air circulation, more effective temperature equalisation, increased point elasticity and less pilling. This fluffy soft premium pillowcase is washable and dryable at 60° and retains its fit and comfort properties even after frequent washing.

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Die Schweizer Schlafmanufaktur SEVEN SUNDAYS ist spezialisiert auf Premium-Produkte für besseren Schlaf, die Dir helfen, optimal im Schlaf zu regenerieren und dadurch mit mehr Energie aufzuwachen. Mit unseren modularen Matratzen haben wir die Matratze neu erfunden. Unsere Kopfkissen bieten Dir beste Unterstützung von Kopf und Nacken. Und wir forschen weiter, um unser Sortiment hochwertiger und nützlicher Schlafprodukte kontinuierlich für Dich zu vergrössern. Profitiere auch Du von innovativer Schlaftechnologie.